My First Kiss Went a Little Like This


When you think of your first kiss, does it look like this adorable tumblr picture?

Does it bring butterflies to your stomach because it was romantic and perfect and everything you dreamed of and more?

If so, I’m happy for you. But mine sure as hell was not.

I was 13 years old when I had my first kiss. I don’t mean like, my first peck on the lips from a non-related human, I mean like my first tasteful kiss with like, tongue action or whatever.

There was this boy who was a year older but we were in the same class. We had flirted (aka probably making googly eyes at each other across the classroom because we were 13…) for a few weeks and one day, we were both assigned to watch over the same classroom for an indoor recess.

We watched the kids put their lunchbags in their backpacks and head back to the classroom. After they all left, he pulled me aside and stuck his tongue down my throat.

It was wet from what I remember. It caught me off-guard, that’s for certain.

But that was it. We played tonsil hockey for a few more seconds and life moved on. We “dated” or whatever kids did back then for a little. I don’t know where he is now or what he’s doing, but such is life.


I hope that you remember your first kiss fondly and don’t randomly think of it in the shower like I did today where I burst out laughing hysterically.

How was your first kiss?


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