I don’t run, I chase.

So yesterday I was on Tinder in between stressing over my exam and trying to get my thesis put together.

This guy messaged me and was all like, “Yeah I just went for a run.” So politely, I asked him about it, how far he ran, that sort of thing. Then he was like, “we should run together.”

You know buddy, we were having a perfectly nice conversation before you reminded me that you don’t know me.


I don’t run. I don’t get turned on by guys who run. Running is sweaty and gross.

The only running I do is from my feelings.


In fact, I don’t run, I chase.


I don’t chase boys. I’m not going to waste my time.


I chase realistic things like alcohol and dreams.

And let that be a life lesson to you. If a guy’s idea of a cute date is running, maybe it’s time to run. away.

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